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Selasa, 8 Mac 2011

eiffel tower musnah !

to all readers..
this is not true actually...
this is not an eiffel tower in Paris as you all know..
this is my eiffel tower..
this is just a symbolic to somthing that had happened to me.. 
i am very2 sad bcause i can't finish in buiding my eiffel tower..  :(
my eiffel tower damages in a blink..

building our eiffel tower together will be my precious memory
one day i will visit eiffel tower in Paris alone as a testimonial of our eiffel tower
whatever things,life must go on !
i wanna be strong all the remaining days..
ALLAH, please help me..
and friends don't blame me bcause of my foolish..

to all peoples out there, " don't judge a book by its cover "

everything is my fault..
but don't blame me or her or him or they or so on..
i just admit my mistake..
but ALLAH still give me chances to change..
i must change.. :)

*p/s : semoga bahagia dengan orang tersayang.AMIN..

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