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Khamis, 14 April 2011

reflection of english project exhibition .

on 10th april 2011 .

we asasi unimas first batch student had an english project exhibition , we had prepared for this exhibition about 2 or 3 weeks before . if i not mistaken , we were divided into 13 groups . each group was presented a very very interesting performenaces during exhibition . that makes me proud to be one of them . we are awesome ! for those who interested to join asasi unimas . i sure you will not regret of your choice . :P

check this picture out . then you will now how fun we are in asasi unimas .

preparation day , one day before :

 each group set up their booth .

 this is my group booth . hehe . biasa sahaja .

 rehearsal for each performance .

group meeting .

 bizi ke buat buat bizi ? haha .
tgh menulis itu aku .

 my beloved instructor , miss erlinda . still miss k . :P

 they are thinking wat else to do .

this group was presented about music for the world .

on dat awesome day :

 wuuuhhuu . budak asasi unimas mmg cantik dan hensem belaka . :P

my awesome group . good job guys .. :D

 see our creativeness .

 we built robot 

 another one .

n another one .

 gamba dgn kak sha . aku pakai mafla palestine . mafla ey nama bnda 2 ? hehe , tatau .

 marvellous acting

 incredible dancing

 sencored scenes .

 criminal scenes

 informative scenes

funny scenes

lot of quizzes

lot of games 

 lot of beautiful girls . aawwwww . hahaha .

 lot of infos

 we have this funny guy

 we have cute boys

 lot of videos made by our own .

waaahhhh . dh mempromote asasi unimas aku nmpknye . hahaha . but i am telling somthing true . not only promoting . asasi unimas is the best . (ikhlas ke tak ni) :P

dat's all i think from me . tgn sudah sakit menaip . hehe . actually we have more than this . tp tak terdaya aku nak cite semuanya . but the day was awesome ! great ! dat's all . bye2 .

p/s : miss erlinda please give me full mark for reflection . because my reflection is special than others . :P

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