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Rabu, 2 November 2011

NiKON DSLR tease me extremely !

cannot wait to post these pictures taken yesterday evening

 i feel calm when i am here . alhamdulillah .

 the view make me fall in love with Unimas .

 somene is drooling when looking at this picture . LOL

 superb ! the focus is at the lake .

 thinking make me a better person 

 fall in love with this pic which is 5 star pose , n 5 star photographer ! LOL .

 someone said i am super duper cute in this candid pic . tq .. ^_^

 i am searching for peace .
no matter WHO you are 
you are my enemy ?
you are my friend ?
you are my relative ?
you are my ex ?
you are my bestfriend ?
you are whatever ...

aku gatal idung pun nak amik gmba jgak .. thanks my photographer ! LOL .

 not nice angle , but ok laahh ..

rasa macam kat korea plak view n pengcahayaan mcm ni .. 
the only one picture taken by afif ashfia . ;D

i want to have one NiKON DSLR ! after ambik gamba tadi gua dh bilang duit dalam bank . LOL
blom cukup lagi , nak beli yang gempak punyee .. hehe . still collecting the money . sggp xmakan ! :P

credits to wan faisal and ahmoi(hafizah)(theownerofNikonDSLR) sbb sudi amik gamba aku .
actually all these pictures are for my poster project ! hehe ..
thanks to those who like my pictures ,
thanks to ALLAH , 
never stop praise Him ,
that is one of the way you remember Him .

assalamualaikum .

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nabeela roshaidin berkata...

macam muka pelakon jepun ..
haha ..

BiOdAtA AjAi ZaMrI berkata...

yeke ? xdelahhh .. haha